Photography by Carrture

To say Germany has a strong car culture is an understatement. Everywhere you look there’s a Mercedes GT, C63 or some other sibling from the AMG family. BMW Aplina’s run wild, Audis are around every corner and there are various eras of Porsche 911’s.  All of the cars sound aggressive and most are fitted with the dual clutch transmissions which contribute to the beautiful sound of high performance acceleration. This automotive utopia is a car guy’s dream. You can see all of this on a causal afternoon in City Center of Dusseldorf.

After traveling to Germany several times over the last five years, it’s easy to see the passion people have for the automobile. Visiting the Classic Remise to just walking around, the cars here are subtle, hardly ever over exaggerated with aftermarket modifications. No chrome wheels or air bags, at least from what I have seen. Absent are the crazy colors and body kits that destroy the artistic lines of the car. Just enough to make you look and think “Is that factory?” The car is a little lower and the wheels are larger but looks like it came from the factory that way. The automotive enthusiasts in Dusseldorf have really embraced the OEM-plus style of modifying cars and that is how it should be.

Have a look; I hope you appreciate what I have seen.