Audi B6 2.7t Avant Build

Audi B6 2.7t Avant Build


This is not a step-by-step DIY or a search for answers for a 1.8t to 2.7t swap.  It’s just my personal experience and log about taking on such a project.  Before I started, I had questions that I never received a clear answer to.  Since starting my swap, I can answer some of the questions I had that I couldn’t find answers to:

  1. Can this be done in a weekend? How long will it take? No, it can’t be done in a weekend because once you start; you will run into all kinds of issues. For the most part, the project is plug and play. All of the forum guys are correct in that. Finding what plug will play is the issue.
  2. Can this be done on my daily driver? Yes if you don’t plan on driving it daily. My car has been down for 4 weeks now and not sure when it will be running again. Once you take your car apart, you will end up repairing things you didn’t plan on or in my case, breaking things you didn’t plan on.
  3. Is the cost the same as a stage 3 1.8t kit? Nope, nope, nope! If you just put in the 2.7t as-is, maybe. Just understand you won’t do that. You will want to replace the k03s with something more reliable. After all, you are not sure of the condition of the turbos from the used engine. Why go through the headache of pulling the engine again to replace bad turbos. Once you upgrade the turbos, it’s a domino effect after that. You will see all the rubber hoses that look like they will explode once you put them under pressure. There will be plugs on the harness that will also need to be repaired. Also you will want to do timing belt, valve covers, and water pump.

Instead of going to the junk yard to pull an engine, I order one from  They had good reviews online and in the Audi community.  Although the price is higher than what some people in the Audi world suggest to pay, you get most of everything you need.  Yes, I could have gone to the junk yard to pull an engine.  By the time you get to those engines, the coil packs or something has been removed or cut.  Water may have gotten into the engine from parts removed and you don’t know the condition of the engine.  Ordering the engine from Audis4parts guaranteed the engine was in good working condition.  The engine came on a pallet with all the parts needed for the swap and was packed pretty well.  I will update this post as I continue the build.



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